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Clothing care with BESTO

BESTO laundry detergent has a powerful enzyme system for a perfect wash of severely soiled clothing at a low temperature of 30 °C to 40 °C. The five-enzyme formula ensures the effective washing of stains caused by vegetable or animal fats, wine, cherry, grass, baby foods and mashes, ink, biological stains, etc.

BESTO fabric softeners combine anti-static effect, perfect softening of fabrics, ease of ironing and long-lasting aroma.

ORGANIC toothpaste for children and adults – ORGADENT

ORGADENT toothpaste for adults has 98.73% natural ingredients, of which 30.13% are ingredients of organic farming. The toothpaste has a unique composition of natural raw materials: aloe vera gel, organic extracts of Sumatra herbs and yarrow, and organic tea tree and mint oils.

Organic toothpaste for kids ORGADENT contains 98.60% natural ingredients, of which 48.90% are from organic farming. The formula contains no water and is a unique blend of aloe vera gel, prebiotic and xylitol.

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